iDB Class 2 Noise Monitor

Noise monitoring with Osiris or Topas

  • Measures LAeq, LAmax, LA10, LA90 and more
  • Connects to Osiris or Topas for continuous dust & noise monitoring
  • Monitor & record via internet with AirQWeb
  • IP65 enclosure protects against dust & water

iDB is Turnkey's class 2 internet noise monitor. It connects directly to any Osiris or Topascontinuous multi-fraction PM dust monitor to allow both dust and noise to be continuously monitored and recorded via the internet with our AirQWeb web-based interface. An equivalent free AirQApp is available for iPhone and Androiddevices.

AirQWeb can be used to graph and tabulate most commonly used noise parameters such as LAeqLAmaxLA10LA90 and others, along with simultaneous measurments for PM1PM2.5PM10TSP dust fractions, wind speed and direction.