WinSim II

  • Downloads Simret test data
  • Searchable database of results
  • Produce graphs and reports

WinSim II is a Windows program that will download brake test results from your Simret or BrakeSafe brake tester into your PC.

Brake tests, including graphs, can be displayed on the screen and printed. WinSim II also organises the brake tests into a database, which can be searched, for example by combinations of test date, examiner, vehicle name and instrument serial number.

Comments and notes about the test conditions can also be added to each test using on-screen memos. Tests can also be exported to Excel if required. A scheduling section facilitates graphing of average test results over a period of up to one year. Vehicle testing schedules can also be planned and signed off.

WinSim II latest update (1.2.9) for upgrading WinSim software you already have installed. (If you need to install from new, use the full installer below.)

WinSim II full installer (1.2.9) for installing WinSim on a new computer. (Don't use this for upgrading an existing installation; use the updater above.)