Agricultural BrakeSafe

Brake Tester for Tractors and Trailers.

  • Trailer and tractor brake testing
  • Developed with HSE and DfT
  • Measures and prints brake performance
  • Mass ratio calculation for trailers

As part of an initiative to improve the standard of tractor and trailer braking, Turnkey have worked with BAGMA, the HSE and Department for Transport to design the UK's only portable brake tester to measure brake efficiency for tractors and trailers.

Based on our existing BrakeSafe Classic instrument, the Agricultural BrakeSafemeasures peak and mean fully developed deceleration (MFDD), as well as testing speed, stopping distance and time to stop. It is also able to adjust deceleration for the mass ratio when testing trailers.

The problem of under-braked trailer equipment is detailed further in an article for Farmers Weekly. With many vehicles failing to meet legal obligations under the Road Vehicles (Constructions and Use) Regulations Act 1986, the HSE is aiming to offer certified tests via local dealers. Consequently, we worked to produce the Agricultural BrakeSafe as a testing device, which is additionally supplied by BAGMA along with their brake test training courses.

Most features of the Agricultural BrakeSafework in the same way as the standard BrakeSafe Classic, so users may refer to this instrument's documentation. For additional instructions specific to this instrument, you should view:

Sample printout from Agricultural BrakeSafe