Brake Tester with Printer

  • Measures Mean Fully Developed Deceleration (MFDD)
  • Auto-aligns with direction of travel
  • SD memory card to save & transfer results
  • VOSA-approved for all cars, HGVs and PSVs

VOSA approval number: EINBD10860A0211013

BrakeSafe is an easy to use brake tester. VOSA-approved for MOT testing of all vehicle classes (excluding I & II), it is suitable for all cars, HGVs (including trailer testing), PSVs and other road-going vehicles. An ideal choice to monitor a fleet's performance after servicing.

BrakeSafe measures peak and mean fully developed deceleration, and can be located anywhere in the vehicle, automatically aligning with the direction of travel. It does not need connecting to the vehicle, but may be used with a transducer to record pedal force and delay time.

The instrument has pass/fail lights with a user-adjustable threshold, and records and prints test results. Test data is saved with date, time, vehicle & operator identity and more. These can be transferred directly to a PC, or transferred later from its SD memory card.