Dust Suppression Controller

AlarmBox in use with a traffic-light system of warning lights.
Up to 16 alarm scripts are available (saved on the AlarmBox itself) and four physical alarm outputs. There are also four voltage outputs (0 - 4000 mV) each giving output from a chosen measurement channel on the instrument (with configurable scaling and offset).
  • Autonomously controls alarms & dust-suppression equipment
  • Up to 16 scripts controlling four physical alarms
  • Alarms on multiple conditions across TSP, PM10, PM2.5, wind etc.
  • Four voltage outputs for instrument channels

AlarmBox is Turnkey's new controller for high concentration warning alarms. It allows automated control of audio-visual alarms and dust suppression equipment, and is equally suitable for tunnelling operations and open-cast or material handling sites.

The AlarmBox connects to any of Turnkey's range of dust or gas monitoring instruments to provide an autonomous alarm and suppression system without the need for additional computers. It is configurable via PC software or Android app and can automatically detect what parameters the connected instrument is measuring.

Alarm schemes can be constructed through 'scripts' based on inputs from the instrument. These can be logically linked together to determine the operation of the alarm. For example, one alarm could be activated when PM10 > 250 µg/m3 AND (PM2.5 > 20 µg/m3 OR PM1 > 10 µg/m3) AND wind speed > 5 m/s. This could prompt an audible or visible warning, or automatic use of dust suppression equipment.