Turnkey Instruments manufacture a range of heavy vehicle brake testers, for use in mining, quarrying, rail transport and other off-road environments. The Simret instruments were originally developed with the Health and Safety Executive and have become the de facto standard for instrumented brake testing.

Instruments are straightforward to operate and store test results for later use, either in a printout or by download to a computer. Information on vehicle and operator ID and test conditions may also be stored. Accesories such as a brake trigger pad can simplify the conduct of tests. An in-cab instrument like the Simret F2 allows routine daily tests to be performed without any special setup.

The WinSim II software allows download of test results from the instrument, configuration and setting of IDs, and scheduling of tests.Once downloaded, test results can be searched for in the program's database, and graphs and reports of the tests prepared.

Simret 3000

  • Portable Heavy Vehicle and Locomotive Brake Tester
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Simret 4000

  • Lightweight, Portable Heavy Vehicle Tester with De
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  • In-Cab Brake Performance Testing
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Simret F2

  • In cab brake tester with Bluetooth
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